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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Sondra sold my house in April of 2019 that I had some issues selling prior to working with her. The realtor before her was way off the mark pricing it appropriately for the selling season of Summer 2018 and never communicated updates or suggestions to me. Once I began working with Sondra, she made 3-4 recommendations on possible 'to-do' items and prioritized them for me in importance to help sell and value I would see back from each one. She had a wealth of pricing market knowledge and walked me through the ups and downs of each price point I was considering and she planned the perfect timing of us posting around a good weather weekend for a great open house experience.

We had 3 official offers and 2 more unofficial offers within the first 72 hours of putting it up for sale. She did an excellent job of helping me thoroughly understand all the details of each offer and the factors that would affect the approval/selling process so I had the information needed to accept the best offer without simply looking at dollar amounts. After the nightmare of a previous realtor, I could not have had imagined a more pleasant experience. Sondra's communication throughout each step of the process was flawless and I never questioned or felt any confusion or uncertainty about any phase of the entire process. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor who knows the business and truly keeps her client's interests prioritized."

Sondra not only helped me buy a home I had my heart set on she also found the perfect tenant for my rental apartment. She really listened to what I wanted and needed and worked to get them for me. When I needed a few repairs done on my home she provided names of reputable contractors and even  checked up on the work being done. I couldn't have asked for a better Agent; professional, hard-working, attentive.

Sondra has been a huge asset in filling vacancies for my rentals. Her flexibility showing the properties and handling tenant application is professional and friendly. Most importantly her ability to bring in quality tenants will keep her on my "bat phone" come turnover time.

I am writing in support of Sondra Reid, my Realtor.  I had the opportunity of having her sell some property for me.  She was very professional and was a great help in getting me through that selling experience.  She is a highly qualified professional.  I would recommend her for any real estate transaction.  

"Sondra was helpful in every way. She was there for all my questions, always answering her phone. She also spend quite a good amount of time with my fiance and I looking at a home more than once. We appreciate you Sondra, thank you for helping to make looking for a home so much less stressful!"


I  met Sondra in 2015 when my father passed on, and she worked with me to sell his property. I am not a business person, and having only bought and sold property a very few times, I had some trepidation as I approached this project. However, Sondra put me at ease the minute I walked into her office.. And throughout our work together, she always put me at ease with a personal chat before we began the business. She was truly interested in me, my son and my grandson, and she shared some of her family with me. Her interest in our families gave me a comfort zone, and self-confidence in my ability to properly take care of my father’s estate.

Sondra listened to everything I had to say, to my ideas, my goals in handling this sale. She supported my decisions and made suggestions of how to implement them. She gave me suggestions of what she saw as needed improvements on the property to ensure a good sale, and she directed me in how to approach the work. Sondra never made suggestions outside my parameters unless I asked for them, and when I did, she was so clear as to the what and how that I felt no stress. She truly was my guide in a world so foreign to me.

I had worked with realtors in both buying and selling property, but I never learned the what and how of what I was doing. She gave me the understanding and the self-confidence to not only do good job on behalf of my father, but to have the self-confidence to go forth in the future when the need arises.  I never felt any pressure. I never felt insecure in making decisions. 

Over the years since we worked together, Sondra has continued to stay in touch with me, always interested in my family. I know I can go to her anytime with realty questions or concerns, but more importantly, she is an important friend, who began with caring about her client and still cares in friendship.

Sondra helped us find the house we ultimately bought in Storrs. She knows the area and market very well, and that made a big difference for us, as we were new to that part of CT. She puts customer service first, answering my call early every time or returning it promptly, and working around our  schedules for showings. She is fair, handling a dual agency situation gracefully and honestly. I highly recommend Sondra if you are looking in the quiet corner.

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